These Gadgets Are A Must-Have For Every Dog Owner

Published on 03/02/2021

Dogs are the most loyal and best friends on earth, therefore they also deserve the best possible treatment. In this article you will find the best gadgets for dog owners, that will help you to keep your dog happy, safe and healthy!

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These Gadgets Are A Must-Have For Every Dog Owner

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Is your dog adventures and like to run away sometimes? If the answer is yes, then we have the best device for you! The Whistle GPS Tracker is a little device, that you attach to your dog’s collar. The tracker device is connected to your phone and gives you the opportunity to know where your dog is at all times.

Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera

The Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera, is a wonderful device to keep your dog entertained while you are at work. The camera is connected to your smartphone, so you can easily check on your phone what your dog really does, while you are at work. If your dog seems bored, the Petcube Play Smart Camera also lets beam a pet safe laser light, which will keep your pup entertained and makes him happy. The Petcube comes with a 1080p HD camera with a wide angle lens, a digital zoom and a night vision. Besides a sound detection system it also has a 2 -way audio system and a human and pet safe laser beam. This gadget is perfect for everyone, who wants their furry friends to have a good time while they are at work.

Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Just as humans, dogs can also have anxiety attacks. Often this occurs when during thunderstorms, fireworks and Co, as dogs feel the noise a thousand times more intense than humans. Whatever it might be, no dog owner likes to see their dog scared. A great solution, in order to calm your dog down, is the “Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket”. The jacket applies soft pressure to your dog, which is proven to relax your dog and make it calm. The jacket comes in all sizes ad is washable. You can get it for around $35 on Amazon.

ARF Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

It is very important for dogs to have regulated eating times and portions. With the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder this is easier than ever. The device, that is available for around $100 on Amazon, gives your dog automatically their food, even if you are not there. The device will feed your dog exactly at the times you will install it to. Furthermore, you can also choose an exact food portion. The Arf Pets automatic, even allows you to record your voice, so you can call your furry friend to eat.

Outward Hound Port A Bowl

The Outward Hound Port A Bowl, is a perfect gadget for outdoor lovers! The bowl is foldable, very light weighted and easy to carry around with you. And once your dog is thirsty, you just open it, poor water inside and voilà your dog can drink. The portable bow;l is made out of rugged nylon, very easy to clean and water and water repellent. You can get the great product for around $6 on Amazon.