6 Reasons You Should Get A Cat As A Pet Right Now

Published on 02/08/2022

In many countries, cats are the most popular pets. This means that almost every day singles, couples, and of course moms and dads around the world think about whether they should be getting a cat. The following article will definitely help with your decision.

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Reasons You Should Get A Cat As A Pet

Cats Are Independent

Let’s be real: who among us wants a partner who is constantly attached to you? Who you have to prepare his food for, who you have to take for a walk, who sits in front of you with his tail wagging and wants your attention… Whether it’s a pet or a partner – independence is interesting. Cats also score in this regard. You can keep yourself busy for hours.

Easy To Care For

Ever seen a cat take a bath? Here you have your answer. The noble animal takes care of its fur itself. Cats are naturally clean animals. We assume regular visits to the vet and cleaning of the feeding utensils. Because we also know that a cat can sometimes take revenge.

Cats Like It Cozy

Cats are the perfect chill companions: the little rascals sleep up to 16 hours a day. That means they spend a good 70 percent of their lives napping. In fact, they are said to yawn more than 100,000 times during their few cat years. You need a break? Would you like to shake off the stress of everyday life and relax? Then simply lie down next to your cat and listen to its soothing purr. What could be nicer?

Purring Heals

It sounds crazy, but it was discovered by researchers and confirmed by scientists: the frequency at which cats purr is medically valuable and sometimes has a healing effect on bone problems because it stimulates bone growth. This is how cats heal their own fractures. And if that’s not enough and you want the vet to keep an eye on it, you don’t have to worry too much about the costs thanks to pet insurance packages.

Cats Are Housebroken Quickly

Let’s be honest: In a family with two children, in the first few years, you’ve spent enough time thinking about the right way to go to the toilet, and pets can do that easily. Cats are usually housebroken when they are first bought or after a few weeks at the latest – with the exception of small “accidents”.

High Life Expectancy

It can be a very painful experience to have to tell your offspring about the death of a beloved pet. With cats, the argument of long life expectancy is on your side, as animals living in the house live up to an average of 14 years. Incidentally, according to Wikipedia, the oldest domestic cat in the world lived to be 38 years old – her name was Creme Puff.