Just Got A Puppy? Make Sure To Follow These Dog Trainers For All The Best Tips

Published on 10/31/2021

Finding the perfect dog trainer for you and your pup is not always so simple. Although there are great trainers out there, you need to make sure that their approach and techniques suit you and your best friend. Keep reading to see which are the top international dog trainers who undoubtedly provide the best advice and tips that will benefit you and your pooch.

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Just Got A Puppy? Make Sure To Follow These Dog Trainers For All The Best Tips

Victoria Stilwell

English dog trainer, TV personality, and author Victoria Stilwell is known as one of the world’s top dog trainers. Not only is she the creator of the worldwide Positively Dog Training network that spreads knowledge about positive reinforcement dog training techniques but she is also famous for starring in her hit T.V. show ‘Me or the Dog.’ Stilwel is truly one of the best pet behavior experts who offers outstanding tips and training techniques for all kinds of dog parents. You can either check her out on Instagram, her YouTube channel or read one of her amazing dog training books.

Paul Owens

Paul Owens is also known as “The Original Dog Whisperer” who has been a dog training expert and best-selling author for more than 40 years. Based in Los Angeles, Owens’s training approach is different from many other trainers as he focuses on methods that are completely stress-free for dogs. Additionally, he incorporates tips and tricks that foster healthy relationships for both the dog and its owner. He offers both group and one on one training sessions in the comfort of your own backyard. He has received the most fantastic reviews from loads of people all over the world.

Brandon McMillan

Brandon McMillan is known as one of the best dog trainers who has trained loads of celebrities’ dogs. Some of his clients include Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Hefner, Ronda Rousey, and Kate Hudson. He also appears as a host of the hit ‘Lucky Dog’ show on CBS, you can always trust Brian’s ‘Hybrid Training’ system to help one of your dog problems, or two. His passion for dogs can be traced back to his childhood, and today he is famous for his simple training approach which focuses on obedience training. Another one of his amazing projects includes training both service and therapy dogs.

Grisha Stewart

Grisha Stewart is a professional dog trainer who is based in Alaska. Her brilliant approach to training centers around the health of whole family life, which is done by empowering a dog with the tools they need to meet their needs through teaching effective two-way communication. Grisha’s impact on the professional dog training scene is beyond incredible. Since she began training dogs in 2003, she has also published 3 books, training DVDs, and she offers amazing online courses for dog parents. Check her out on Instagram, @grishastewart

Zak George

USA native, Zak George, is known as one of the best dog trainers within America. His YouTube channel is knowns as Dog Training Revolution which is a great platform for dog owners who are searching for all the best positive reinforcement tips and tricks. He has starred in various TV shows as well which allows pet parents to also have fun while training their dogs. Check him out on YouTube or on Instagram, @zakgeorge.