7 Signs That Your Dog Does Not Like You

Published on 12/05/2021

No dog owner likes to hear that the dog doesn’t like him or her at all … But unfortunately, that sometimes happens too. Here, you can find out what the behavior of your four-legged friend means. But there’s good news too: if you can see your dog’s dislikes, you can do something about it!


7 Signs That Your Dog Does Not Like You

He Avoids Contact

Most dogs are – if they have not had any traumatic experiences – very sociable and eager to be close to their masters. If you have the feeling that your four-legged friend is ignoring you, that’s not a good sign. You can recognize this, for example, by the fact that the dog does not seek eye contact with you or runs away when you seek its proximity.

Your Dog Is Nervous

Dogs can be nervous too. And if that’s the case near you, of course, that’s not a good sign. You can recognize a nervous dog by the fact that he licks his lips or yawns even though he is not tired. This is the equivalent of a person who plays with his hair or wiggles his legs.

Your Dog Does Not Eat Or Accept Treats From You

Negative feelings hit the stomach – even in dogs. If your four-legged friend suddenly stops eating, this is always an alarm signal. It can also indicate that your dog does not feel comfortable with you. This becomes even clearer when he doesn’t even accept treats from you.

The Dog Pees On Your Things

It’s not just cats who can be malicious, your dog has it all as well. Did you do something that annoys your darling? Then he will let you know. Your dog knows exactly what your favorite shoes are, either he pees on them or he destroys them. But before you get angry, make sure that your four-legged friend has enough of their own toys. So he can chew on it and let his anger run free.

Your Dog Eldues Your Gaze

When a person is mad at you, they don’t look at you and may even roll their eyes. Your four-legged friend will look away when you try to look at him. This is how he shows you his dissatisfaction. Now try to speak to him calmly and quietly. Or maybe scratching your ears will help!

Rigid Standing

If your dog is really pissed off, he’ll stiffen up and won’t move. Caution is advised now! Also pay attention to his ears and his eyes. Your dog signals to you: “Leave me alone and keep your distance from me.” The best thing is to give your dog some space now so that it doesn’t end in pain for you.


It doesn’t get any clearer than this. If your dog growls at you, stop what you are doing immediately. In addition, you shouldn’t scold your dog now, because he is showing you that he is uncomfortable with the current situation. If you feel that your dog displays this behavior too often, then get help from a dog trainer.