How To Spoil Your Cat

Published on 06/06/2022

Taking care of a cat’s fundamental needs, such as supplying her with water and high-quality food, providing her with a warm and comfortable place to sleep, and taking her to the veterinarian for yearly visits, is all part of being a good cat owner. However, there is more to owning a cat than meets the eye. Providing for your cat’s basic requirements will strengthen your bond with her and allow you to be more creative (and generous) with how you choose to provide for her.

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How To Spoil Your Cat


Develop A Brushing Ritual With Your Cat

Create a brushing routine for your cat. Brushing your cat’s coat in a rhythmic front-to-back motion will make her happy. Brushing your cat’s coat provides a number of practical reasons, including stimulating her skin, washing her fur, dispersing natural oils throughout her coat, and reducing tangles. If this is your first time brushing your cat, keep it short (5 to 10 minutes). As she feels more comfortable with you brushing her, you can extend the time. Cats can have specific brush preferences, so you may need to experiment with a variety of brushes (e.g., bristle brushes, slicker brushes) to figure out which one your cat prefers. Brush her when both of you are relaxed. If you’re stressed out, or if she’s feeling tense, the grooming session will not be enjoyable for either of you. Short-haired cats require less brushing (once a week) than long-haired cats (once a day). Be extra gentle when brushing her chest and belly.

Spend Quiet Time With Your Cat

Cats are content with their solitude. For both of you, spending some quiet time with her can be fun and soothing. When she’s peacefully resting in your lap, try gently patting her. Just don’t pet her tummy since your cat can misinterpret it as an attack and try to swipe at or bite you.

Create Multiple Sleeping Spots For Your Cat

Your kitty enjoys sleeping! You can pamper her by giving her with cozy sleeping quarters throughout your house. These locations should ideally be in quiet sections of your home with little distractions. Set up a suitable sleeping environment for your cat, such as a cat bed or a mat. These are available at your local pet store.

Provide Your Cat With Multiple Scratching Posts

Scratching is beneficial to your cat’s overall health since it keeps her nails trimmed, provides exercise, and helps her to stretch her muscles. Providing several scratching locations for your cat will make her happy and keep her occupied while you are unable to play with her. Consider scratching posts with a variety of textures and orientations (sisal, corrugated cardboard, carpeted) (horizontal and vertical). Your cat’s scratching actions will be more varied as a result of this. Scratching posts should be placed in areas where your cat likes to scratch to reduce the distance she has to travel to scratch. The scratching poles should be solid and tall or long enough (about 2 feet) for her to stretch out her full body when scratching. When you think the scratching post is too old and weathered, don’t throw it away. That’s exactly how your cat wants things to be! Another fun way to indulge your cat is with a cat tree. These are available at your local pet store.

Give Your Cat Plenty Of Toys To Play With

Giving your cat a couple of toys to play with isn’t enough to indulge her. Rather, you should provide her with what appears to be an endless supply of toys. You don’t have to spend a fortune—just switch the toys out on a regular basis (approximately once a week) so she doesn’t get too attached to any one object. Hide the toys in different parts of your house to enhance her natural hunting instinct. Download these cat-friendly games to your tablet for your cat to play to give her playtime a new twist.

Add Creativity To Your Playtime With Your Cat

Your cat can surely keep herself entertained, but she still requires a lot of engagement from you. Using your imagination during her playing can make the event more enjoyable for both of you. Hide behind your couch and pop your head around the corner until she notices you, for example. Return to ‘hiding’ mode and wait for her to sneak up next to you—this activity simulates her searching for prey. Dim the lights during her playtime to match her natural proclivity for being active in the dark. Play with her for 10 to 15 minutes at least twice a day.