Treats And Sweets- Must See Dog Bakeries

Published on 03/02/2021

Whether it’s to celebrate your pups birthday or even to include your pup in celebrating yours- dog bakeries are now making it very possible to spoil your special pet. These bakeries are exceeding expectations and have created treats that are pooch-friendly, better than that they will make your pup’s celebration look out of this world. If you are looking to do something special, treat your pooch or simply want to see what the hype is about-these are the best dog bakeries in the U.S. Careful you don’t confuse your cake and your pooches, that’s how delish these look! These bakeries cover everything from birthday cakes to cookies and even ice cream, which will leave your furry friend with a full tummy and wagging tail in no time.


Treats And Sweets- Must See Dog Bakeries

Three Dog Bakery- Kansas

Three Dog Bakery is arguably the best dog bakery in the country with its incredible and delicate pastries for pups. They are b becoming more well-known by the second for their all-natural dog treats and dog food that is also all hand-made, of course. The treats are baked to perfection and will have you doggo wagging their tail and begging for more in an instant. They have dog tacos, pet-it-fours, peanut cups, hamburger pupcakes, and even ice cream sandwiches.

Naked Dog Bistro

Naked Dog Bistro is run by a dynamic mom and daughter duo who are changing everything up in the pet bakery world. If your pooch is gluten intolerant well, this is the place for them! They have delightful treats that are gluten-free but that are also healthy for your dog. They pride themselves in keeping the needs of all pups in mind although the bakery and idea for it was inspired by a special three dogs. Their highly recommended options are bacon cupcakes, palm tree-shaped cookies, peanut butter, and carob cupcakes, chicken-parmesan cupcakes, and sweet-potato cheddar fries.

Pussy & Pooch, Beverly Hills

More than a bakery this spot has a pet store, grooming salon, overnight stay facility, daycare, and a “pawbar” cafe. Whatever you need they can probably assist you if it’s pooch-related. Their cookies are apparently what the main hype is about however, they have an entire CBD range which you can give your pooch when a storm is on its way in or when they are expected to be in large crowds or near fireworks. This spot can help your pooch chillout to the max. They have cakes available without preorder which can be a lifesaver too. Their specialties include their birthday layered cakes, bundt cakes, ice-cream cones, and their cookies.

Le Marcel- San Francisco

This bakery is particularly smart with their names for their delectable dog treats. Their punny names such as “Fur” tune Cookie, Muttaroon, Canine Candy, and much more make a purchase at the bakery just as exciting for humans too. They bake everything from doggie donuts to brownies and much more. However, their highly recommended options include Terriermisu which sounds pretty delightful to us. This bakery will pamper your furry buddy and ensure they are leaving heavily satisfied.