Animal Cafes Around The World

Published on 03/04/2021

Have you ever heard of a thing called “Animal Café”? This is a real thing! There are many Animal coffee shop that allow your pets to enjoy their time with their furry friends. In this article you will find out more information about the pet friendliest coffee shops around the world.

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Animal Cafes Around The World


The Sakuragaoka Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

The Sakuragaoka Café in Japan is the perfect restaurant for animal lovers. Besides delicious Japanese food, you get a very special experience. There are two cute goats called Sakura and Chocolate living in the coffee shop, that love to greet the clients coming to the coffee shop. While you’ll enjoy your amazing traditional Japanese food, you can also give the cute goats some treets.

Cafe Two’s and Four’s – Pune, India

Are you a dog fan ? Then you should definitely know about the Cafe Two’s and Four’s in Pune, India. The Café is specifically designed fury friends. While you will enjoy your food, your dogs can also have a good time. The café offers grooming and borading stations, specifically designed for your best friend. The eve serve fresh baked doggie treats and dog food. You can not only groom your dog at the Café Two’s and Four’s, you can also plan your dog’s birthday.

Ra.a.g.f, Tokyo, Japan

The Ra.a.g.f Cafe in Tokyo, Japan, is the only bunny restaurant around the world. The restaurant offers three tables, with over 20 different breeds of bunnies that you can play with and feed, while you are enjoying your coffee and food. After you played with the bunnies you can go to the attached breeding center and even adopt one of the cute fury animals.

Caturday, Bangkok, Thailand

Caturday is the right coffee shops, for all the cat lovers out there! The Cats Cafe is one of the most famous cat coffee shops around the world, and is inhabited by over 40 cats. While you can enjoy a variety of dishes, you can also play with the cats. The coffee that is located in Bangkok, Thailand is known by cat lovers worldwide and visited by thousands of tourist, that only come for this crazy experience from all over the world.

Funny Creature Forest, Kobe, Japan

Japan has a lot of crazy animal coffee shops and also the next one is an extraordinary café loved by animal lovers worldwide. The Funny Creature Forest, which is located in Kobe, Japan, is exactly what it is called. While you are sitting in the coffee shop and enjoying your meal, exotic animals like, tortoises, iguanas and many other reptiles will join you on your table. The Funny Creature Forest is definitely something special, but should be only visited by those, who don’t fear dangerous animals. Because when you will eat at the special coffee shop, it can happen that a Python will come to chill with you and hang around your neck!

The Dog Café, Los Angeles, California

The first American dog café was opened in 2017, in Los Angeles, California. The coffee shop is filled with many cute dogs that are up for adoption. For only $15, you can enjoy a meal and play with the cute little pups. If you connected to one of the pups, you even can take him home. The Dog Cafe will not only provide you with a great experience, but also helps homeless pups to find a good place.