Here Is What You Need To Know Before Getting A Cat

Published on 08/01/2021

Have you wanted a cat for a long time and are you seriously thinking about getting a velvet paw? Now you are finally ready for it?  Then the first thing you have to be aware of is that buying a cat is (almost) one for life – and not just for one season! Cats can eventually live to be over twenty years old. You also really want to meet the natural needs of the house tiger – what about their basic needs? What does your future cat need so that it feels completely comfortable with you? With our tips and advice, you are well-prepared for future cohabitation with one or more cats:

Red Kitten

Here Is What You Need To Know Before Getting A Cat

Cat Or Kitten?

A fully grown cat does less work from the start because it is to a certain extent a “surefire success” who already knows and can do everything; Kittens become independent very quickly, their mother already gives them a lot to take along, but just like human children, they first have to learn everything from the bottom up – including how to use the litter box. In addition, small cats are naturally more sensitive and susceptible to disease.

Right Conditions For The Cat?

The first question that you should ask yourself before buying a cat is whether the framework conditions allow you to keep a cat. You need enough space so that the cat can move around freely. It is important to provide her with space for toys and a scratching post. In addition, the house tiger needs a litter box in a sheltered place.

Outdoor Cat Or Indoor Cat

The decision whether you want an indoor cat or an outdoor cat should be made before purchasing the cat. A cat that has spent its previous life on a farm will not feel comfortable in a cramped city apartment. Most of the time, the decision is not just yours, but the circumstances around your home.

One Or Many Cats

“Cats are loners” – many people quote this sentence when asked about one or more cats. However, the opposite is true! Cats are sociable animals that also form groups in nature. For this reason, you should always keep cats in pairs, if possible. Of course, in exceptional cases, there are typical loner cats, but mostly they are made by their humans. The cats often lack social interaction with their fellow cats and they “unlearn” feline communication. Unfortunately, well over half of all cats live individually. Especially indoor cats do not want to be alone for eight hours or longer – working cat owners should therefore buy a second cat.

A Life With Cats

Nothing is better than coming home from work in the evening exhausted and sitting on the sofa with a purring velvet paw. The adaptable animals are suitable for a family with a house and garden, but also for a single household in a city apartment. Cats are playful and loving, but always retain a certain independence. You can decide for yourself when it’s time to cuddle with them.