Must Go Cafés In Europe

Published on 03/03/2021

Europe produces and consumes an unfathomable amount of coffee, it has the best cafés places in the world. It’s a center for coffee lovers and frankly, a lot more than just that. Coffee Culture is what makes Europe so special. We look for coffee shops more than we visit interesting museums, monuments, temples, and churches! What would Paris, Vienna, and Italy be without their enviable coffee culture? There are hundreds of cafés in Europe worth visiting, here is a selection of what we believe are the best cafés in Europe:

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Must Go Cafés In Europe

Zurich: Café Odeon

The Café Odeon in Zurich is defined by its art and decoration. The bohemian classic opened its doors in 1910 and is known as the meeting place for writers, poets, musicians, and intellectuals. Some of the most famous visitors include Albert Einstein and Picasso. This is a classic old-school Café with European elegance, high ceilings, brasserie fixtures, mirrored walls, and formally dressed waiters.

Barcelona: Satan Coffee Corner

This coffee shop is the definition of hipster. It is owned by a 25-year-old who is in love with the coffee bean. He has meticulously mastered the art of brewing his blends. They change with the season so be sure to ask him what the current mix is. To complement this sublime brew, a selection of homemade snacks are available for purchase. Pull up a chair, enjoy the large windows that let a stream of light in and watch the world go by. This is definitely one of the best coffee shops in Europe.

Paris: O Coffee

A surf-inspired café in Paris is what you get when an Australian and Frenchie coffee shop start-up in one of the most famous café-culture-obsessed cities in the world. It makes it high on the list of our best coffee shops in Europe. O Coffee doesn’t disappoint with some favorites including noisettes, caps, and flat whites. Eggs Benedict is a drag, so make sure to order it!

Vienna: Café Schwarzenberg

Vienna has a rich coffee culture history; People gather and discuss politics, religion, and science. Writers and thinkers sip the perfect brew in deep philosophical conversation. Not much has changed from the old days to today, and it’s one of our favorite coffee shops in Europe. Cafe Schwarzenberg is the ideal coffee shop in Vienna. It’s traditional, gorgeous, and perfectly photogenic for your next big picture Instagram.

Milan: Milan Roastery

Starbucks in Italy? It feels wrong and yet it is so right. Espresso is Milan’s gift to the world and Milano Roastery pays homage to this ingenious creation. It was called the Theater Coffee. It definitely has a place in our best coffee shops in Europe. This room is a celebration of the coffee traditions and has a tasting room with a state of the art Roastery. Thinking Willy Wonka meets coffee.

London: Kaffeine

The owners of Kaffeine traveled to Australia and New Zealand and found their inspiration for a coffee shop that they could open in London. Her dream came true and she opened one of the best cafés in Europe. Salads, sandwiches, and anything that comes out of the oven hot is on the menu.